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Welcome to Plockton . . .

. . . in the North West Highlands of Scotland, an untamed land of sea and loch, mountain and glen, magnificent in its grandeur and remote tranquility . . .

. . . and on the western seaboard, our village of Plockton, in an incomparable location on a sheltered bay of Loch Carron, surrounded by a ring of hills.

The palm trees of Harbour StreetThis peaceful Highland community in the Gaelic heartland was once based on fishing and crofting but now draws artists and photographers from all over the world, and visitors who seek something different, something less packaged.

A National Trust for Scotland conservation village, Plockton has carefully preserved its heritage, while offering outstanding hospitality in its hotels and bed & breakfasts.

We hope this site will give you a taste of what we have, but nothing can do more justice to our village than seeing it in person. We look forward to your visit.

Visitor Centre
The National Trust for Scotland, in collaboration with the Plockton Historical Society, has completed the development of a new Visitor Centre at the main car park in Plockton.
Plockton Visitor Centre — the panels
Visit the Historical Society pages for more information and to view the display panels and archive content.
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1 August 2014