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Hamish Macbeth village

Because of its spectacular setting and traditional Highland atmosphere, Plockton has appeared in numerous film and television productions. None has had more impact on the village than the three 'Hamish Macbeth' series, shown originally on BBC television between 1995 and 1997, and still shown throughout the world.
Robert Carlyle plays the laid back policeman, transferred from his Glasgow beat to the fictional Highland village of Loch Dubh (Plockton), where he finds he is a natural at dealing with the inhabitants' quirky ways. Robert Carlyle as Hamish Macbeth
The mood is whimsical and droll, with outstanding performances from the lead player and his supporting cast, and with consistently entertaining story lines.
A typical episode — In Search of a Rose — involves a seal trip skipper in despair at the refusal of the seals to show themselves to his passengers. Inflatable rubber whales are his answer but it nearly goes tragically wrong until our hero sorts it all out. (This episode was based on genuine, scurrilous rumours, but you'll need to speak to Calum at Calum's Seal Trips for the full story.)
The arrival of the BBC and Zenith could have been a Hamish Macbeth story itself as the 'southern media types' persuaded/cajoled/induced the 'canny locals' to remove their cars from the street, take massive power-guzzling cables into their houses and set up satellite dishes in their gardens. But the television people put a lot of money into the local economy and Zenith Productions were very generous to the village hall restoration fund.
If you are a Hamish Macbeth fan, and they still come every year, you'll see many of the locations used in the shooting — the police station at Rhu, Rory Campbell's shop at Edmund's corner, the Stag Bar (the house opposite, although the interior shots were filmed in the bar of the Balmacara Hotel). If you're a real fanatic, you may even recognise some of the bit players — local people were involved in most episodes.

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