Jewel of the Highlands

Traditional music

Traditional music

Plockton is at the heart of a wide community, which has long been known for its support of traditional music and Gaelic culture.

The National Centre of Excellence in Traditional Music was established at Plockton High School in 2000, which draws talented young musicians (and their tutors) from all over Scotland.

The strong native music culture is evident throughout the community, and locals and visitors can enjoy traditional music in the local hotels throughout the year.

Information about upcoming concerts and ceilidhs will be posted in the news section of our homepage.

Plockton Inn

Every Thursday throughout the year, and every Tuesday and Thursday during the summer. Starting at approximately 9.00pm.

Plockton Hotel

Every Wednesday during the summer. Starting at approximately 9.00pm.

Traditional music in the Plockton Inn
The Plockton Inn
Celidh band
Music in the Plckton Inn